Our services in the area of Sports and Team Management include reviewing and analyzing sports industry trends. Based on the analysis, sports consultants provide necessary advice for sales improvement and augmentation of client performance as well as establishment of connections with potential investors.

Supporting Intelligence has always believed that the world of sport has enormous potential. The way it is managed can improve, so we think that our intervention allows us to enhance results, so that sport, in addition to entertainment, can become a “business”. With this objective, we have been following clubs and companies such as: GG11, Invictus Team, Associação Académica de Coimbra and União de Leiria, of which we have been Main Sponsor since 2021.

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The food and beverage industry includes restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, fast-food joints, pubs, delis, food manufacturing operations, catering businesses, food transportation services, and more. Work in this industry can range from packaging to preparing, transporting, and serving food or beverages. We make sure to assist you to start this business from scratch. 

We created the “Salotto” brand and the entire concept involved. The brand is distinguished by the following strengths: Made in Italy, location, decoration, differentiation, product quality and premium service.